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Bathroom and Laundry Accessories

LaundryPure attaches to your washing machine and results in cleaner, fluffier, sanitized laundry WITHOUT the use of hot water or detergent! Layers and layers of old residue are lifted out and removed forever, leaving no chance of allergic reactions or problems with sensitive skin. Great for baby's laundry. Ever wonder why your towels aren't as absorbent as you think they should be? Because all those fibers have been coated over and over again with fabric softener! If you are trying to use organic bedding, this is the perfect way to launder them. Save energy (no hot water) and money (no detergent). GO NATURAL, GO GREEN! No perfumey smells, just fresh and clean like it was just brought in from the clothesline outside.

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Company Information:
Hurt Not The Earth
Summerville, SC

Pamela Staton


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