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Eco-Cool Roof 5000

Product Type:
Miscellaneous or Other

Eco-Cool Roof 5000 is an Energy Star Certified cool roof coating. The coating acts to minimize the transfer of heat into a building by reflecting and emitting the sunís energy back into the atmosphere and performs on both low and steep sloped roofs to enhance energy efficiency. This energy-efficient roofing system can significantly reduce roof temperatures during the summer, help mitigate the Urban Heat Island Effect, and dramatically contribute to an overall reduction in energy consumption. The coating applies like regular paint; however its performance is superior to even the most sophisticated roofing systems. ECR-5000 delivers one of the most cost-effective cool roofing solutions available in the marketplace, and its ability to reduce energy consumption by as much as 40%, especially during peak hours will generate a dependable return on investment throughout the lifetime of the coating.

Energy Star, , Qualified Roofing Product, Version 2.1, ,

How to Purchase:
Direct from manufacturer, , Eco-Protective Products, LLC - 3535 Peachtree Road NE Suite 520-643 Atlanta, GA 30326 Eco-Protective Products, LLC - 131 Sycamore Avenue Charleston, SC 29407 (888) 809-8995

Company Information:
Eco-Protective Products, LLC
Atlanta, GA


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