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Green Roof

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Miscellaneous or Other

The GRO Modular system is the modern method of installing green roofs. This pre-planted system blends all of the benefits associated with the environmental and economic advantages of green roofs, with a simplistic method of installation and little to no maintenance. The modules can be easily installed, moved to address roof maintenance issues, and even re-arranged to make different design patterns. This feature allows building owners the freedom to start with any number of modules, and easily add more modules at a later date. The GRO Modular system is an all-inclusive package, including: a built in drainage layer, filter fabric layer, lightweight growing media and established plants, all in an easy to transport container. There is no need for costly preparations to the roofing membrane, before of after installation, and the whole process takes a fraction of the time it takes to install a traditional green roof. Easy installation translates into reduced labor costs, because there is no need for professional landscapers/installers, and reduced downtime due to inclimate weather conditions. The modules can be placed in any orientation imaginable, and are able to be placed around HVAC equipment, skylights, roof vents and etc.

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Direct from manufacturer, , Green Roof Outfitters

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Green Roof Outfitters
Charleston, SC


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