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Floating Wetlands

Product Type:
Miscellaneous or Other Ponds/Lakes

Floating Wetlands create a huge natural filtration filled with a wide variety of wetland plant species. This innovative design removes excess nutrients while improving water quality and producing lush, beautiful wetlands. Combined with aeration, Floating Wetlands eliminate problems that cause stagnant, unsightly and unpleasant ponds. These wetlands are created by filling a sturdy, buoyant garden setting with design specific shallow water plants. The root systemsuse excess nutrients as food before algae sets in to cloud the water. As aeration continually moves bottom settling CO2 and aenerobic material to the water's surface, the aquatic wetland gathers and fliters pollutants through growth before allowing them to resettle.

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How to Purchase:
Direct from manufacturer, ,

Company Information:
Charleston Aquatic Nurseries, Inc.
John's Island, SC


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