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Welcome to the Construction and Demolition (C&D;) Waste Diversion and Recycling Component of the GBD.

Inside this C&D; guide is a wealth of information for South Carolina builders, contractors and demolition companies who have the desire to promote green building and sustainable development and keep South Carolina beautiful.

In 2007, South Carolina generated 3.6 million tons of C&D; waste which accounted for nearly a quarter of all solid waste generated by the state. Much of this C&D; debris is in fact quite valuable, but ends up in our landfills due to lack of knowledge and planning. With the correct information and proper planning to reuse, salvage or recycle C&D; debris, construction waste management can be made much more cost efficient than traditional landfill disposal.

Our hope at the Sustainability Institute is that this guide will empower builders, contractors and the building community as a whole with the information needed to divert a majority of the C&D; waste from our landfills.

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