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Southeast BioDiesel

1005 Kinzer Street
North Charleston, SC 29405



Company Description:
Southeast BioDiesel LLC., is an independent biodiesel producer located on the former naval base, now The Navy Yard at Noisette in North Charleston. Our custom designed facility uses poultry fat from local regions as our primary feedstock from which we produce B100 biodiesel fuel. It is rigorously tested in our on-site laboratory to insure that it meets all regulatory ASTM-D6751 standards of quality. We have been producing this high-quality, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-hazardous fuel since the summer of 2007, and in January of 2008 we began providing fuel for the South Carolina school bus fleets in response to the statewide mandate for B5 now in effect. We also fuel many of the local shrimp boats that operate in the Charleston area. Biodiesel is 100% non-hazardous, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. The use of biodiesel in a diesel engine can reduce harmful carbon emissions by up to 78.4%. Biodiesel is a domestic, sustainable solution to our nation's dependence on oil from foriegn sources. SEBD is committed to being involved in the education and innovation that is neccessary to produce a high-quality alternative fuel in a safe, highly-controlled environment.

The Nature Conservancy, The Palmetto State Clean Fuels Coalition, The South Carolina Biomass Alliance, The National Biodiesel Board


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